5 Cool Ways to Customize Your Coffee Catering Service

5 Cool Ways to Customize Your Coffee Catering Service

Boston’s Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering offers many creative ways to brand and customize our espresso cart or Beverage Topper by Espresso Dave Gillette Event Venus Razorspecialty coffee station. Branding our coffees and cart with your company logo or wedding monogram will make an incredible, lasting impression with your corporate clients and wedding guests. We’ve got you covered for personalization success: check out these 5 buzzworthy ideas. Take any or all of these creative suggestions to brand our specialty coffee menu, cart, drinks and drinkware!

1. Beverage Toppers®

Beverage Toppers®, invented by Espresso Dave, is a chic way to customize your event by branding your drinks. Espresso Dave's Beverage ToppersBeverage Toppers® are thin, edible disks, featuring your corporate logo or message—like mini-billboards under your noses. Beverage Toppers® float on most beverages with a foamy top, hot or cold, iced or frozen. Brides and grooms dazzle guests with their monograms on Beverage Toppers®. We’ve even featured a couple’s Best Dog on Beverage Toppers®. Click here to order directly from our website!

2. Mugs & More

Coffee cups, mugs and glasses, artfully personalized with your company’s logo or event’s theme icon, make fabulous branded favors. Kensington Investment Co. Holiday Party NHThis drinkware is available in a variety of materials (ceramic, paper, etc.), sizes, shapes and colors to match your event. When you reserve your Espresso Dave coffee bar, be sure to consider custom coffee cups, travel mugs, glasses, etc. We’ll put you in touch with one of the best professionals in the ad-specialty business to create a great favor your guests will take home with pride.

Custom mugs for your event by Great Bay PotterySeeking a handcrafted look which your guests will enjoy as keepsakes? Great Bay Pottery of Dover, NH (sweet lighthouse mug, for example!), can work with you to create hand-thrown pottery mugs and other items with hand-painted, custom designs done especially for your special event. It’s a wonderful way to commemorate a special day. We’re happy to put you in touch with this New Hampshire company.

Go Green Bonus: we’ll serve your favorite Espresso Dave’s beverage in your branded drinkware as a measure to reduce our catering footprint.

3. Coffee Art

Espresso Dave’s baristas skillfully brand our specialty coffees with custom stencils, in cinnamon or cocoa, Love stencil tops this warm and wonderful cappuccino. Brunch wedding by @plannedperfectlylowell ! #espressodave #espressodavecoffeecatering #coffeecateringMAfeaturing your logo or event icon.

4. Menus Made to Order

We enjoy creating signatures coffees and themed drinks to enhance the beverage experience for your guests.

When designing your beverage menu, begin with the Core Menu. Our core menu may be expanded, pared down, or blended with any flavor shots you wish. We’ll add frozen drinks and smoothies upon request. And, we love creating themed drinks specific to your industry, season, location, hobbies and more.

5. Posterize our Espresso Cart

We’re happy to display your signage on the front of our cart. Espresso Dave Coffee Cart with Vote for Espresso SignageBe sure to ask us for more details upon ordering our espresso bar service.

Next Step to Branding Your Success

We’re eager to hear which custom branding idea(s) excite you the most! Leave us a comment below. Feel free to ask us for more details. If you’d like to inquire about our services or request more information about any of these buzzworthy options, request a quote.

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