The Trend of Alcohol-Free Events Is Here to Stay

More and more people are getting into Dry January and Sober October. And, lots of folks are sober curious! As a result, that’s making alcohol-free events more important than ever. Event guests want a fantastic drink experience that goes beyond the regular bar. Naturally, that’s where Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering comes in. So, in this post, we’ll explore how Espresso Dave’s skilled baristas and impressive espresso bars, will take your alcohol-free event up a notch.Espresso Dave Barista in black uniform pouring frozen coffee drink into large glass with drizzled chocolate for alcohol free events

Alcohol-Free Events Create Socializing without Spirits

You might think having events without alcohol means sacrificing the fun, but that’s not true at all. When you choose Espresso Dave’s, everyone, including those who don’t drink alcohol, can join the celebration without feeling left out. Our espresso bars are like social hubs. Every time we set up, we create a cafe atmosphere. It’s complete with the smell of freshly brewed espresso, the sound of milk frothing and welcoming baristas. Simultaneously, people enjoy delicious coffee (chai tea lattes and hot cocoas, too) and have meaningful chats, making the event lively and fun.

Awesomeness in Every Cup

Espresso Dave’s isn’t just about coffee; it’s about providing an awesome experience. By using only the best ingredients, our baristas work carefully to prepare each cup with what you love. Moreover, we serve drinks that are as sophisticated as those served by any bartender. And, our espresso bars have a bunch of choices. From strong espressos to creamy lattes and refreshing frozen mochas, we’ve got something for everyone. Also, we always offer a variety of milks, alcohol-free flavors and gourmet syrups.Espresso Dave Barista in black uniform behind his espresso cart while at alcohol free events.

Health-Conscious Celebration

Of course, choosing Espresso Dave’s for your alcohol-free events is perfect for health-conscious guests. Unlike alcohol, coffee is full of good stuff like antioxidants. It gives you benefits like a boosted metabolism and sharper focus. Our specialty coffee not only tastes great but also supports your guests, whether they’re staying sober or just curious about being healthier.

Alcohol-Free Events Doesn’t Mean Dull

Espresso Dave’s does more than just serve drinks. Our baristas are pros. And, they create a lively, energetic vibe. Indeed, the caffeine kick sparks interesting conversations. Around the espresso bar, it’s not just about having a drink. Most importantly, it’s about people sharing stories, laughing, and feeling great about a cup made just the way they like it.

“All of our guests loved Espresso Dave. They said it was a classy addition to our wedding, especially since it was a summer evening and since some of our guests wanted a fun non-alcoholic alternative. Dave was prompt, congenial, delightful to guests and a hard worker.” Tiffany, July Bride


If you’re planning an event that’s open to everyone, Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering is the top choice. Whether it’s Dry January or you’re hosting alcohol-free events or wedding celebrations, our barista team serves up amazing non-alcoholic drinks. By adding our coffee catering service to your event, you’ll make the event feel more welcoming — for everyone! Choose Espresso Dave’s, and let the wonderful coffee aroma fill the air. As you know, we’re experts at creating happy moments for your guests, especially for folks who don’t drink alcohol. Reach out to us today to schedule your event!


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