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Deskside travels with Espresso Dave

Okay, I’ll admit it. Pinterest has changed my life. At first I thought Pinterest was simply a fun marketing tool for Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering, our Boston-area, traveling, espresso coffee bar service. Brides, wedding planners, trade show organizers, and human resources professionals scour our boards for new ways to enhance their events and make their clients/employees/guests feel special. Following a few months of pinning,  Pinterest has expanded my horizons in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

Espresso Dave's Coffee Catering (espressodave) on Pinterest
Explore our Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard on which you organize and share all the amazing things you discover on the web. I explore and capture new ideas for coffee drinks, espresso bar service, special events, and just this week, posted my wish list for Father’s Day (hint, hint kids!) I build new relationships; business and social.

I must confess my favorite pinboard is, Have Coffee? Will Travel. It’s a bucket list of locations, near and far, where I plan to sip the local, java brew.

Boston Espresso Dave's Coffee Catering trade show travels
Pinning takes you places you’ve never been

Some of these heavenly spots I’ve traveled to; others are dream destinations waiting to be assigned a plane ticket and itinerary. Each pin represents a mini-vacation in my mind that I hope to make into a reality someday. Whenever I stumble upon an enticing photo, I picture myself seated with a steaming cup of espresso, soaking in the ambiance of my surroundings, then I pin it to the board. Ahhh, the pause that refreshes!

Boston Espresso Dave's Coffee Catering sips cappuccino in a faraway cafe
Dave sipping a cappuccino in a Chi-town cafe.

If you have time, take a moment to review the board. Where’s your favorite paradise for my next trip, errh, I mean pin?


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