Celebrate National Coffee Ice Cream Day with an Affogato

Celebrate Natl. Coffee Ice Cream Day with Espresso Dave's Favorite!

Today is National Coffee Ice Cream Day. Instead of a simple bowl of coffee ice cream, we suggest you kick it up a notch with a fabulous Italian specialty, an affogato. That’s how the Espresso Dave Coffee Catering team plans to celebrate today!Celebrate Natl. Coffee Ice Cream Day with Espresso Dave's Favorite!

You won’t believe how simple it is to create. And, it’s such an impressive dessert. We enjoyed our first affogato at a small espresso bar in Los Angeles circa 1992. It’s our go-to dessert when we want to finish a meal with something special but easy to make.

Start by scooping your favorite vanilla ice cream into bowls, then pour freshly-pulled, hot espresso over the ice cream. If you don’t have espresso, strong coffee will work in a pinch. Top with your favorite garnish and you’re ready to celebrate National Coffee Ice Cream Day like Espresso Dave, himself!

Here’s a wonderful how-to video from Martha Stewart if you’d like step-to-step instructions.





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