Cliff Bar Partners with Espresso Dave’s at Boston’s Iconic Events

During the Boston Marathon ’16 and ’17, Espresso Dave’s barista team set up on Heartbreak Hill, sponsored by Clif Bar. The Boston Marathon is one of the most prestigious marathons in the world. By setting up one of our mobile espresso bars on Heartbreak Hill, we drew attention to the Boston Marathon and its sponsor, Clif Bar. This allowed Clif Bar to showcase their product and create brand awareness among thousands of runners and spectators, which is invaluable for any business.

In addition, the team worked at Clif Bar’s booth at Head of the Charles ’17, ’18, and ’19, warming spectators with unlimited, steaming cappuccinos and espressos. Head of the Charles is an annual rowing race held every October on the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. It attracts thousands of spectators and hundreds of competitors from all over the world. Clif Bar hired us to provide a premium hospitality experience for the event crowd. Our team helped Clif Bar increase brand awareness, as well as give back to the community at this iconic Boston event.


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