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Coffee Awakening Espresso Dave

Rise and Shine, Coffee Time

I start most days at 4:30 a.m. even after a late night coffee catering event. I’ve always been an early riser. As a child, my dad assigned me the task of waking my brother and sisters. They weren’t too happy to see my smiling face bright and early on school days, but I enjoyed every minute of the chore. Even today I’m the one who wakes our kids. Funny, they have the same expression my siblings had. Can’t imagine why.

Espresso Dave, Boston's coffee caterer, enjoys the sunrise and his coffee

I love the peacefulness of early morning. As the sun starts rising, I begin my morning ritual: savoring the day’s first cup of coffee.

Senses and Coffee Sensibility

Drinking coffee at 4:30 a.m. is a multi-sensory event. The first cup gives me a jolt of energy. It signals that I’m alive and ready to take on the day.Awakening the senses with coffee Espresso Dave CatererMost of us don’t take the time (or have the time) to really pay attention to what’s happening as you take your initial sips. You’ll find, like I have, coffee awakens the senses, one by one. It’s the combination of the warmth and scent of the steam; the mouthfeel of the black liquid on my tongue (no cream); the acidity and sweetness of the dark roast; the finish and the rich color.

Coffee Soundscape

Earlier this summer I realized my sense of hearing is also stimulated by the grinding of the beans; the rush of the water pummeling the grounds; the steam released by the brew; the pouring and splashing of the liquid  into my cup. If you’d like to hear the sound of coffee, check out this video by Diego Stucco.  Huge Coffee is a brilliant soundscape of the morning ritual.

Do you have a morning coffee or tea ritual? Tell us about it.


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