Coffee from the Old Country

Two antique postcards hang on my office wall. These family heirlooms transport me to a place and time I never experienced but heard about as a child. These ghostcards are the fodder of my daydreams whenever I need a distraction to disconnect from the craziness of 21st century life.
My paternal grandmother’s family lived in Vienna prior to World War II. They owned an impressive building and small grocery store specializing in roasting Colombian coffee. Emil Herrmann was my grandmother’s brother (name appears above the door of the building.)  Emil may be the dapper gent photographed in front of the store (below.) We’re not sure of the identities of the others posing in front of the building – I’ll leave that to your imagination. The second postcard features a close-up of  the store’s facade. I am always fascinated by the variety of coffee and tea products they offered, especially considering we’re talking almost 100 years ago!
If anyone out there can translate these signs for me, I would love to hear from you. Also, if you can identify where this is/was located in Vienna and any additiional information, it would be greatly appreciated.
My family’s always enjoyed coffee; as you can see it’s been a staple for generations. I remember drinking it as early as 13. I’d like to think that my grandmother would be proud of how I peddle coffee today and how I am carrying on the family business.

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