New Bar Mitzvah Tradition: Coffee Bars

Planning a Bar Mitzvah?

Apply the 11th Commandment: Thou shalt offer an espresso bar for your guests to enjoy at the celebration.

What is a Bar Mitzvah?

A Bar Mitzvah is a religious ceremony marking a Jewish child’s right of passage into adulthood. You’ve probably seen the term “Bat Mitzvah,” too. “Bar” is used for a boy.  “Bat” is used for a girl.

Boston's Espresso Dave's Coffee Catering keeps the Bat Mitzvah Party jumpingLet’s Get the Party Started

Following the religious ceremony, many parents host a reception for family and friends to express their gratitude and joy. Some host a light meal or dessert event. Others put on luncheons or dinner parties. Through the years, Espresso Dave’s has been part of Bar Mitzvah events rivaling the finest wedding receptions. We’ve also served at backyard cookouts, house parties, social halls, seaside gatherings, and neighborhood parks.

No matter the venue, budget or theme, traditionally, a Bar Mitzvah party will have key elements: challah (bread) and wine blessings, wonderful food, the traditional Horah dance, and toasts.

Coffee and hot chocolate bars are big hits at Bar MitzvahsThe 11th Commandment

A tradition we’ve established, in the Greater Boston area, is offering custom, specialty coffee and hot chocolate bars at Bar Mitzvah parties. Gone are the days when plain coffee will do. Guests are used to drinking quality coffee.

Our coffee drinks are handcrafted by friendly, skilled baristas. We feature espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and, the ever-popular, mochaccinos. We offer hot, iced or frozen versions of these espresso-based drinks. We use only the finest chocolate and syrups to enhance the coffees. Our service can accommodate small or large crowds; we can set up our carts or provide service from a table, counter or bar.

The kids consider an espresso bar a beverage stop as well as part of the event’s entertainment. When there are large numbers of teens and preteens attending an event (Bar Mitzvah parties are in this category), we always have a large supply of decaf on hand for those soon-to-be-daily-coffee-drinkers.  We also serve many hot chocolates to the younger set. Why? We make our hot chocolates with thick, gourmet chocolate and steamed milk; powdered mix just won’t do! Adding flavors is hugely popular with the younger set; syrups of all kinds such as caramel, peppermint, vanilla, raspberry. If there is a flavor you’re craving, just ask.

If Kosher style and/or Kosher certified is required, our baristas can provide that.

Espresso-Daves-Coffee-Catering-Bar-Mitzvah-BostonEspresso Dave Wows Mitzvahs

Espresso Dave’s Specialty Coffee Catering has the reputation for adding the WOW factor to Bar Mitzvah parties. If you are looking to create some buzz and have your guests talking about your event for many years to come, consider hiring us for the following:

  • Customizing your menu to match the event theme
  • Adding one of our fruit smoothie bars, with drinks in event colors, as an option for the pre-teen crowd during the cocktail hour
  • Engaging Espresso Dave to design an exclusive Beverage Topper® to “monogram” our specialty coffees
  • Pairing our barista with the bartender to serve up amazing coffee cocktails such as Espresso Martinis and Irish Coffees
  • Offering our specialty coffee service as part of a G’night Station (providing guests with a sweet treat and warm drink before they depart for the evening)

Indoors or out, large or small crowd, following dietary rules or not, a coffee caterer can warm your guests’ hearts and keep the party buzzin’! Contact us to find out if we travel to your area for your upcoming simcha.

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