Espresso Dave’s Coffee Has Soul

Espresso Dave Catering Coffee with soul

Every cup of coffee contains its own soul, extracted from your feeling today. Every cup of coffee is like a magic show containing different journey and bringing the unending imagination and surprises. With a sip of coffee, you not only taste your own story, but also change your perspective of the world.
Wan-Tzu of Taipei, Taiwan

This photograph of a freshly prepared cappuccino, in particular, moves me. I feel its soul. I imagine the low rising steam. I smell the earthy scent of fresh cinnamon. I anticipate the foam on my lips and the luxury of slowly sipping its warmth. I prepared this cappuccino for a styled photo shoot with husband and wife photography team, Rick and Debra of Rick Bouthiette Photography. This shot, in particular, moves me. Can you feel it?

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