DIY Coffee Spice BBQ Rub for Dads Like Me

When a free Saturday or Sunday comes around, I relax by grilling on my Weber. Over Memorial Day Weekend, between catering jobs, I had great success smoking baby back ribs. The garlic coffee rub by Trader Joe’s, dusted on the ribs, was outstanding.DIY Coffee Spice BBQ Dry Rub Father's Day

My plan for Father’s Day is to prepare this dry rub (see image/recipe to the right) recommended by the folks at Starbucks then use it on a beer-can chicken. First, I have to get my hands on some VIA instant coffee. On second thought, I may use some instant Nescafe. I rarely use instant coffee but purchased Nescafe to craft iced Greek frappes at a very special event in May. When I researched traditional Greek frappe recipes, I was surprised that Nescafe was preferred over freshly brewed espresso.  Many times recipes call for instant coffee or powdered espresso when the extra liquid in dark coffee or espresso would alter the outcome of the recipe.

Of course, I’d love to receive this rub as a gift for Father’s Day (hint, hint to R & R!)

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this recipe. Or, if you have a coffee rub you’d like to share, submit the link below.


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