Holiday Cheer: Our Favorite Espresso Martini Cocktail and Jello Shot Recipes

Question: What do you get when you cross a bartender with a barista?
Answer: Espresso Martinis and Espresso Martini Jello Shots for your holiday party!

Looking for ideas for your holiday party or New Year’s Eve celebration? Read why Espresso Dave Coffee Catering recommends hiring a bartender and coffee caterer for your party! Hint: Espresso Martinis! Click to get his favorite recipe. #christmasparty #christmaspartyideas #newyearseveparty #newyearsevepartyideas #espressobar #espressomartiniIf you’re hosting a holiday party or New Year’s Eve celebration, absolutely consider hiring a local bartending service and coffee catering service (like Espresso Daves Coffee Catering of Boston.) It’s the best of both worlds! You’ll be able to serve a wonderful selection of cocktails as well as specialty coffee drinks like espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and more. And, you can serve-up two of our favorites—Espresso Martinis and Espresso Martini Jello Shots (recipes below.

Bartender, Barista or Both?

Why offer both? By offering both a cocktail bar and espresso bar, you will:

  1. Delight your guests with the latest craze in bar service—double-buzzed cocktails with fresh espresso! Can you say Espresso Martini or Espresso Martini Jello Shot?
  2. Save money by ending the alcohol service early because you can still offer something extra special—specialty coffee drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos, which have powers to sober up your guests a bit.

So, if you’re considering fortifying your cocktails with espresso, be sure to coordinate with your barista and bartender. Some baristas aren’t licensed to serve alcohol. Therefore, before your guests arrive, take a minute to introduce them to each other so they can work as a team! 

DIY Option

Alternatively, you might decide not to hire a bartender and/or coffee bar caterer. If this is the case, there are some fantastic cocktail recipes you can tackle yourself! In fact, we suggest searching our Pinterest account for drink ideas! Without a doubt, these are two of our favorite Espresso Martini recipes to make for your guests. Above all, remember to use fresh espresso if you can!

Our Favorite Espresso Martini Cocktail

Looking for inspiration for your holiday party, New Year’s Eve celebration or next gathering? Espresso Dave Coffee Catering of Boston shares his favorite recipe for Espresso Martinis! Click for the recipe. #christmasparty #christmaspartyideas #newyearseveparty #newyearsevepartyideas #espressobar #espressomartini #cocktails #martinirecipesHere’s a simple recipe for an Espresso Martini. Definitely use freshly pulled shots of espresso if it’s available!

1 oz cold, fresh espresso
1 1/2 oz Absolut® vodka
1 1/2 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1 oz white creme de cacao 
3 coffee beans

Pour ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, shake vigorously, and strain into a chilled martini glass. It should be somewhat frothy. Instead of olives, garnish with coffee beans.

Our Favorite Espresso Martini Jello Shot

Looking for fun ideas for your holiday party or New Year’s Eve celebration? Espresso Dave Coffee Catering of Boston shares his favorite recipe for Espresso Martini Jello Shots! Click here for the details. #christmasparty #christmaspartyideas #newyearseveparty #newyearsevepartyideas #espressobar #espressomartini #jelloshots #partyideas #martinirecipesHere’s how to make Espresso Martini Jello Shots.

Prepare Your Mold

Begin by preparing the jello shot mold for your Espresso Martini Jello Shots. Lightly spray a flexible, silicone pyramid mold by with PAM cooking spray. Or you can wipe each mold cavity with a little vegetable oil.  Follow by wiping each mold cavity with a clean paper towel. This method will leave the slightest residual which will aid in unmolding the gelatin. Next, place the mold on a stable, movable flat surface, such as a cookie sheet or cooling rack.  If you don’t have a pyramid mold,  you can use an 8″x 4″ loaf pan,  then cut into squares for serving.

Prepare Your Espresso Martini Jello

1 cup brewed dark roast coffee or fresh espresso
2 1/2  envelopes Knox gelatin (or 3 envelopes if jello shots will be sitting out for an extended period. If you are using a loaf pan, you may wish to reduce the gelatin to 2 envelopes)
1/3 cup espresso flavored vodka
1/3 cup vanilla-flavored vodka
1/3 cup Kahlua coffee-flavored liqueur
1 tsp agave nectar or simple syrup (optional)
1 – 2 tbsp Baileys Irish Crème liqueur (optional)

Pour espresso (coffee) into a small saucepan. Sprinkle with gelatin and allow to soak for a minute or two. Heat over very low heat, stirring constantly, until gelatin is dissolved (about 5 minutes). Remove from heat, and add the vodkas and Kahlua, stirring well to combine. Taste and add agave nectar/simple syrup if desired.

If making multi-level jello shots, divide the jello shot mixture equally into two bowls. Add 1-2 tbsp Baileys to one of the bowls. Spoon a teaspoon of the Baileys mixture into 4 of the mold cavities, then spoon a teaspoon of the espresso jello shot mixture into 4 additional cavities. Refrigerate until set, about 3 minutes, inverting the mold on one end to create an angled layer.

When set, remove from the refrigerator and fill with the alternate jello shot mixture. Refrigerate until fully set. This will take several hours or overnight. You can make these jello shots the night before or the morning of your event.

Get the Party Started with Espresso Martini Jello Shots

Next, cut or unmold the Espresso Martini Jello shots about an hour or so before you are ready to serve. Then, transfer the shots to a cookie sheet and refrigerate (don’t freeze) until you are ready to plate and serve. 

This recipe, developed by the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, makes 15 jello shots.

We, at Espresso Dave’s, hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Also, we hope you get to try one or both of these fabulous drink recipes.  Let us know in the comments below if you are Team Espresso Martini Cocktail or Team Espresso Martini Jello Shot!

We’d love to set up an espresso bar for your next event. If you live in New England and wish to see if we’re available, send in a quote request!

Pin for the Future!

Looking for ideas for your party, Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebration? Read why Espresso Dave Coffee Catering of Boston recommends hiring a bartender and coffee caterer for your party! Hint: Espresso Martinis! Click for details and 2 recipes! #christmasparty #christmaspartyideas #newyearseveparty #newyearsevepartyideas #espressobar #espressomartini #partyideas




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