Espresso Dave’s 2-hour Christmas Party Coffee Café Perks up the Office

Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering is a B-I-G spreader of caffeinated Christmas party cheer at the office. We believe caffeinated co-workers are the finest kind of co-workers.

If you work somewhere in New England, ask your boss to bring in the Espresso Dave’s Christmas Party Café, an affordable, 2-hour specialty coffee beverage service—cart and all—and we’ll offer a perk like no other right in your break room, conference room, lobby, or cafeteria.

Christmas Party Cafe Coffee Drinks

How about starting with a round of Candy Cane Lattés or another of our Christmas specialties like Kris Kringle Mochaccinos or Holiday-ccinos? The Espresso Dave’s Christmas Café offers an array of popular European-quality, coffee-based drinks including dark roasted espressos, cappuccinos, lattés, mochaccinos and chai. Espresso Dave’s portable espresso cart, topped with an umbrella to convey a café atmosphere, is manned by a trained barista. A 110 outlet is all that is required for set-up.

Photo: Earthly Images Photography

Since 1993, employers hire Espresso Dave’s to set up portable espresso cafés in offices throughout New England and New York. This venue is social, energizing, loyalty building and much-appreciated as a extended workplace coffee break. Clients report that this service not only boosts company morale, but employee productivity as well.

We’re also available for small or large social events, sales meetings, and trade shows. You know the drill: contact us at or 888-221-9029.

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