Rock Your Office Holiday Party with Espresso Dave’s

This holiday season, if you want to rock your office holiday party into a turbocharged event, look no further than Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering. In this post, we’ll present six awesome reasons to recommend Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering to your boss or the mastermind behind your office holiday bash.

Work Group with Santa hats holding red coffee mugs at an office holiday party1. Bring Folks Back to the Office

Similar to a magnetic pull guiding reindeer to a sleigh, Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering has the power to entice your distant colleagues back to the office. Proposing this coffee-infused holiday office party is akin to wafting the scent of freshly brewed camaraderie before them. We promise Espresso Dave’s will entice even the most elusive coworkers out of their pajamas and back into their cubicles for a cheerful reunion over unlimited cups of made-to-order coffees.

Two women at an office holiday party with cappuccinos in front of a Christmas tree during an Espresso Dave's Coffee Catering event in Boston.2. Turbocharge Your Office Holiday Party Experience

Why stick to the mundane office holiday party when you can supercharge it with Espresso Dave’s? We transport a café to your workspace: a coffee cart as sleek as a sports car, and baristas as skilled as Santa’s elves – delivering customized caffeinated joy! And, remember to deck the halls with twinkling lights as your gathering is primed to sparkle like a Christmas tree after savoring a double espresso!

Office holiday party snowflake latte art on cappuccino in front of a decorated white christmas tree3. Jolly Good Holiday Coffees

Espresso Dave’s baristas serve up a menu of holiday coffees so delightful it’s like they bottled up the season’s spirit. From Candy Cane Lattés that taste like peppermint dreams to Kris Kringle Mochaccinos that could warm even the Grinch’s heart, these Christmas-themed coffees are like sips of  joy. And by suggesting Espresso Dave’s, you’re basically Santa Claus—delivering coffee magic to your coworkers!

Made to order Hot cocoa in paper cup topped with crushed candy canes and whipped cream at an office holiday party.

4. Be Inclusive by Honoring Sobriety at Your Office Holiday Party

We believe in creating extraordinary experiences for everyone, including sober guests, especially as sobriety is going mainstream. By offering our espresso bar service, your non-alcohol drinking coworkers feel valued and celebrated. Plus, if you’d like to offer a beverage without caffeine or alcohol, we can offer hot chocolate steamers, fruit smoothies, Italian sodas and flavored lemonades. Join us in raising a cup to inclusivity! Because at our events, everyone matters, and that’s a powerful message you’ll convey.

5. Boost Team Happiness and Productivity

Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering goes beyond coffee; it cultivates camaraderie, loyalty, and boosts productivity. Looking to elevate team morale? See what happens when your co-workers gather around the espresso cart, chatting over cappuccinos, and soaking in the festive ambiance! Moreover, the caffeine kick fuels the energy and focus required to end the year on a high note. It’s a great way to kick-start the new one with a bang.

6. Extend the Office Holiday Party to More Winter Events

Espresso Dave’s isn’t limited to office holiday parties. Remember you can recommend our services for various winter events, like social gatherings, sales meetings, or trade shows. Many companies schedule our services weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The booking process is simple – contact Espresso Dave’s, discuss your requirements, and secure your spot on their calendar. This allows you to infuse the warmth of holiday cheer into all your office events.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to suggest Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering for your upcoming office holiday party. By bringing your colleagues back to the office, creating a captivating coffee wonderland with an array of specialty coffees, and boosting team morale, you’ll make this holiday season genuinely remarkable.

Act fast to secure your spot on Espresso Dave’s calendar. Book Espresso Dave’s today!

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