Let’s talk about sustainable catering. It’s a game changer!

You will learn about our sustainable catering options:

    • Commitment to reducing waste and increasing recycling efforts;
    • Use of reusable, compostable, biodegradable or recycled drinkware;
    • Benefits of customizable reusable drinkware for your event.

So let’s begin.

As a company, we endorse green, sustainable catering options. A green event is an event that has been planned and executed with the environment in mind. This includes everything from the venue to the food to the decor. Of course, it also includes the coffee bar!

As the Boston-area’s go-to specialty coffee caterer for weddings and events, we’re always trying to reduce waste and recycle more. Why? Because our choices today, no matter how big or how small, will impact generations to come.

We offer a variety green options when it comes to our espresso bars for your weddings and events. Before we look at the 3 levels of sustainable catering options you can choose, be aware that we are always working to be greener! As you know, it’s an evolving process. We’re learning about new resources and better ways of doing this each and every day. Let’s use this post as a place to start.

Our sustainable catering options

Generally, we offer 3 levels of sustainable catering options with our espresso bar service.

White Compostable Coffee Cup Paper and lid with brown sleeve for sustainable catering option with an espresso bar.1. Compostable, biodegradable or recycled

  • Disposable cups and lids for hot beverages
  • Disposable cups and lids for cold beverages
  • Paper straws
  • Wood or bamboo stirrers

To begin, the items listed represent what we typically use with our espresso bars as part of our sustainable catering service. In fact, we include these items at no extra charge. Many of our clients select this level. It’s especially beneficial when they don’t want to spend part of their budget on reusable rentals. Moreover, this is a great option when they require a speedy cleanup. Just know that sometimes we encounter supply chain issues, especially in this post-Covid era. So, we reserve the right to substitute the best options available at the time.

Espresso Dave's sustainable catering option: Reusable porcelain coffee cup and saucer with mint leaf2. Reusable

  • Porcelain or ceramic cups and saucers
  • Glassware
  • Flatware
  • Stainless steel stirrers and sipping straws

Unlike disposable cups and accessories, which are used once and thrown away, reusable coffee catering items are meant to be used over and over again. These reusable items are generally available through your venue. If not, they’ll be available through an event rental service. We can also coordinate this with your caterer or event planner.

Green custom reusable coffee mugs on table with sign saying Grab a Mug is great customizable, personalized sustainable catering option for Espresso Dave's Coffee Catering.3. Customized reusable

You can order glassware and coffee mugs to match your wedding or event theme. We can recommend vendors who will personalize your items with your logo, monogram, event theme and colors. Guests will appreciate personalized drinkware that doubles as an event favor. These will certainly be treasured by your guests and will serve as a keepsake when they savor their favorite beverages.

Budgeting for sustainable catering options

Even though it is important to embrace green event options, some sustainable catering items will cost you more than you may expect. Consider budgeting for this if you value hosting an environmentally friendly event.

Metal reusable straws with green leaf are important accessories for sustainable catering drinkware.Sustainable catering and your event

To sum up, be sure to ask about our green, sustainable catering options when you contact us about your event. With that in mind, we strongly encourage customers to engage with us about this and to provide feedback. Every so often, we will update this post! We plan to improve our sustainable catering efforts on a daily basis!

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