Tips for Enjoying Your Wedding

Enjoying your wedding takes planning, attention to details, and, a sense of humor.

wedding coffee cateringYour wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime of memories. I am fortunate to work with awesome wedding planners, venue coordinators and day of coordinators. I can’t stress enough how important they are. Earlier this month, at one of my favorite coffee shops, I met with Tracy Dapp, Professional Bridal Consultant and owner of Inked Events of Salem, N.H. She graciously shared a few tips with me that I’d like to share with you about enjoying your wedding day.

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Tracy Dapp, Inked Events

As a wedding planner who specializes in Day of Coordination, Tracy makes planning look easy.

ED:  What is the biggest insider tip you can share about enjoying your own wedding or special event?

TD: The most important tip I can share about enjoying your own wedding is to hire a wedding planner or day of coordinator instead of delegating the details, etc. to your best friend, mother, third-cousin-twice-removed or venue coordinator.

ED:  What’s the difference between a wedding planner, day of coordinator and venue coordinator?

TD:  There truly is a difference between them. Each one plays a different role in the wedding process. Here’s the breakdown:

Wedding Planner  She, or he, helps couples from the beginning and will be right by your side throughout the entire planning process. She’s there from the moment you say, ‘yes,’ to the proposal until the last guest leaves. Her resources are tried and true—a vendor list she’s built through years of experience, networking and referrals—to secure the perfect vendors to fit the couple’s budget, style and personality. She’s with you every step of the way to minimize stress, concerns and to ensure you’re enjoying your wedding day.

Coordinator  Best known as a ‘Day Of Coordinator,’ her role is slightly different from a wedding planner. She isn’t with you from the moment you say, ‘yes,’ or even helping with the design your event. She comes in later in the planning process, familiarizes herself the the vendors you have chosen, your ideas, and vision, then implements and manages them as if you were doing it yourself. She takes care of all the logistics on the day of the wedding, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, in other words, it’s all about enjoying your wedding!

ED:  What else does is a Day of Coordinator trained to do?

TD: Depending on when she comes into the planning process, she may give the couple a last minute vendor referral or two, if needed. As I mentioned, we’re similar to a planner in that sense since we have built our vendor list through experience, networking and referrals as well. She will also be there for you  to answer any questions, give an unbiased second opinion, or act as a sounding board.

ED:  I thought a venue coordinator was the same as a day of coordinator.  Am I right?

TD:  Simply put, the coordinator the couple works with at the venue represents the venue. Depending on the venue, the staff may take care of the basic setup of the room, tables, chairs, etc.; if you don’t have a wedding planner or Day Of Coordinator, they may even set up your personalized details. If the venue is catering the food service, they’re the expert on how their kitchen works. Day Of Coordinators respect their house and we are there to work side-by-side with the venue coordinator to ensure the wedding goes smoothly, so the couple doesn’t have to worry about anything that day.

ED: What would you like our readers to takeaway from this Q & A?

TD:  I’d like to stress how important it is to be a guest at your own wedding—that’s the key to enjoying your wedding day! You may have a venue coordinator, but you can also have a planner or Day Of Coordinator. We’re trained to take care of YOU through the whole or partial planning process, not just the day of the wedding. We’re along for the ride with you. On the day of the wedding, we will know the intimate details of your wedding from who the important family members are, any medical conditions and family dynamics that would be a concern to you.

For information about Inked Events and their Day of Coordination Service, and more about enjoying your wedding, click here. Tracy is also the founder and coordinator of V4V, a networking group for wedding industry professionals living in and around NH.

ED: Thank you, Tracy, for sharing your knowledge with us. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. I’ve worked with dozens of awesome wedding planners and coordinators throughout New England who can streamline your event with skill, expertise and tried & true vendors.  I’d love to hear from those wonderful wedding professionals for their insights on this topic.

If you’re a bride or groom getting married, the only way to be a guest on your big day is make sure one or more of these professionals are part of your event. (And, it will make your vendors happy, too! I promise!)

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