We’ve Launched a New Website

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website! This redesign represents countless hours of dedication and creativity from an amazing team. We couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

First and foremost, a huge thank you to our incredible creative team. Your vision and passion have brought our online presence to life in ways we never imagined. To our web designer, Christine Seuss of New York Design Studio, LLC, your innovative design and user-friendly interface make our website a joy to navigate. We are so grateful for your expertise and hard work through the years! It’s a privilege to work with you on our second website together!

Furthermore, our gratitude extends to all the talented photographers we got to work with. You captured the essence of Espresso Dave’s in every shot. Check out the gallery below for photo credits!

Tucker Finerty

Capture the North Photography↓

Dee Renee Photography↓

Manuela Mejia Photography↓

Rachel Campbell Photography↓

The photo shoots at Mila by The White Apron, Venues at the Factory, and IAPP provided the perfect backdrops.  Clearly, the results speak for themselves.

A special shout-out goes to our amazing team of baristas who doubled as our models. Your enthusiasm and charm shine through in every photo. In addition to Dave, you are the heart and soul of our company.

We invite you to explore the new website. Discover all the exciting features we’ve added. Absolutely don’t miss the cool timeline! Your feedback is invaluable, so please let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below.

Thank you for being part of the Espresso Dave’s family. Here’s to many more events together!

The Espresso Dave Coffee Catering Team



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