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Event Extras

Espresso Dave’s offers several ways to personalize your espresso bar or specialty coffee station to make an incredible, memorable impression with your corporate clients and guests.

We bring good things to life! #ge #oldslogans #gecapital #espresso_dave #espressodave #beveragetoppersBeverageToppers®

Original Beverage Toppers®, invented by Espresso Dave, is a chic way to personalize your event by branding our specialty coffees. Original Beverage Toppers® are thin, edible disks, featuring your corporate logo or message.  Original Beverage Toppers® float on most beverages, hot or cold, iced or frozen, and are sold exclusively by Espresso Dave’s. Here’s the link to order!

Coffee ArtCoffee Art

Espresso Dave’s baristas skillfully brand our specialty coffees with custom stencils, in cinnamon or cocoa, featuring your logo or event icon.

Mugs and MoreEspresso Dave's at Kensington Investment Co. Holiday Party NH

Coffee mugs and glasses, artfully personalized with your company’s logo or event’s theme icon, make fabulous branded favors! This drinkware is available in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes and colors to match your event. Go Green Bonus: we’ll serve your favorite Espresso Dave’s beverage in your branded drinkware to reduce our catering footprint.

Dunkin' Donuts Employee Wellness Kickoff with Fun to Eat FruitFun to Eat Fruit

Fun to Eat Fruit, our sister company, puts your corporate brand or special message on apples with edible ink. Great for favors, hospitality bags, centerpieces and more. Fun to Eat Fruit made Michael Cerbellis: The Hot List 2016 Get a quote today from Fun to Eat Fruit for your branded fruit!

Festive FettiFestivefetti for your corporate event with Espresso Daves Coffee Catering Boston

Festive Fetti, a preferred partner, offers fabulous, custom, party confetti mixes for corporate events: table decor, welcome bags, favors, photo toss, and many more ideas! Don’t forget to order extra to sprinkle around our espresso bar or station! Your Festive Fetti mixologist works with each planner, to match the Festive Fetti to your corporate colors or theme of your special day. Check out their Etsy shop for great ideas and to order!

Cookie Toppers

These heart cookie toppers were designed especially for us by Rachel, owner of The Baker’s Rack of Merrimac, MA. Rachel hand rolls, cuts, and decorates each 3″ vanilla bean, sugar cookie topper herself. These cookie toppers are light, fluffy with a slightly soft center and perfect for dunking in our handcrafted specialty coffees. She can customize the shape and colors to match your event theme. If you’re interested in ordering, here’s how!

“Our customized Beverage Toppers® stole the show!”

– Julie, Marketing Manager,
Document Management Software Company