Purple Cow Catalyst

Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book Purple Cow, named Espresso Dave’s a Purple Cow catalyst, which is a business that helps clients shake things up and think innovatively. “Espresso Dave’s has challenged its clients to become spectacular and invigorating,” commented Godin.

In Purple Cow, Godin argued that the only effective marketing strategy is to build innovation into a product or service from inception, ultimately creating a Purple Cow to stand out among a marketplace of traditional brown cows. His books have changed the way in which people think about marketing and modern day business.

Espresso Dave’s is listed in Godin’s 2004 Bull Market Directory, a resource for connecting organizations with some of the world’s most creative thinkers. To be included in the directory and receive recognition from a respected thought leader such as Seth Godin validates a company’s commitment to providing extraordinary services on a daily basis, pushing its clients to be remarkable.