Espresso Dave’s cited by Seth Godin as a Can Do Company

Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book Purple Cow, featured Espresso Dave’s in his 2004 Bull Market Directory, a resource for connecting organizations with some of the world’s most creative thinkers.

Espresso Dave’s has demonstrated that it is a Purple Cow catalyst, helping clients shake things up and think innovatively,” commented Godin. “Espresso Dave’s has challenged its clients to become spectacular and invigorating.”

Our clients are our best copywriters.

Our goal is to make you so happy when you hire us that—like so many of our clients—you’ll volunteer a quote! The most frequent comment we hear is, “Dave, you and your staff make it all so easy.”

“You made me look like a hero!”
Donna, HR Director

“Our customized BeverageToppers™ stole the show!”
Julie, Marketing Manager

“You are a regular part of our exhibit booth!”
Carla, PR Manager

“I will recommend you to everyone!”
Jean, HR Director

“You were the hit of our booth!
Kimberly, Event Planner

Give us a chance to add you and your quote to our growing testimonial file. To submit a comment about your experience with Espresso Dave’s Specialty Coffee Catering, please use our contact form.  Your comment may be used on this website or future Espresso Dave’s promotions.


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