Boston Children’s Hospital Receives iPads for Kids Fighting Cancer

UPDATE on iPad Initiative for Boston Children’s Hospital Fundraiser:

This month, Boston’s Espresso Dave’s Coffee Catering supported an important fundraiser for children fighting cancer at Boston Children’s Hospital. Today, we’re excited to report the result of this campaign.

Espresso Dave's Coffee Catering supports Boston Children's Hospital iPad Fundraiser

iPads connect hospital patients to their worlds

Rob Tourville, father of a lovely, talented, young cancer survivor, and iPad Initiative fundraiser organizer, wrote this week, “Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for helping us achieve our goal of providing iPads for the kids being treated at Boston Children’s Hospital. We have just placed the order for 12 iPads and covers. Each iPad is being engraved with the message “BELIEVE.” Thanks to all of you, the kids can stay connected to their friends and family and maintain a vision of a future beyond the walls of the hospital. I cannot even express how important this is in their healing process. We, and they, are all grateful for your generosity and compassion. Happy Holidays!” To date, they’ve raised $3,629.

Congrats to Rob, his family and all of you who supported this effort. Merry Christmas!


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  1. Rob Tourville December 20, 2012 at 6:12 pm #

    Many thanks to Espresso Dave’s for their generous and compassionate support of our Children’s Hospital Holiday I Pad Initiative. Ican assure you that you have put some smiles on the faces of some very courageous and deserving kids. We we wound up raising well over $4,000 (some funds did not come through the link). Also, half of the I Pads are engraved to read “BELEIVE”, and the other have say, “Don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain”. This is a saying that a fellow dancer from South America posted on Sierra’s Caringbridge page and it became her motto throughout her treatment. Thank you all for your support. In Gratitude, Rob

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