Road Trip Coffee Trick

Espresso Dave Road Trip Coffee Hack

Planning a summer or fall road trip?Espresso Dave Road Trip Coffee Hack We suggest you remember this coffee trick—Espresso Dave’s Life Hack #354— for better gas station coffee.

Before you leave your driveway: tuck some packets of your favorite hot chocolate in your glove compartment.

When it’s time to pull into a gas station for a fill-up and, perhaps a cup of coffee to keep your own motor running, have no fear. Purchase a coffee—or what appears to be coffee—and be sure to add some milk or cream (to taste), grab a lid and stirrer. Get back into your car and open your glove box.  Next, add 1/2 to 3/4 of the hot chocolate pouch into your coffee cup. Stir and stir. You’ve created an aromatic mocha!

The chocolate masks the gas station coffee and you’ll be back en route in a matter of minutes.

We’d love to hear about more road trip coffee hacks. On our next adventure, we’re going to try out packets of chai tea latte mix to add to gas station coffee for a version of a dirty chai….stay tuned!


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