Espresso Dave’s Coffee Caters to TLC’s Four Weddings Winner

TLC’s Four Weddings Takes on Superstorm Sandy

Remember when Superstorm Sandy hit our area on October 28, 2012? It was memorable for many, especially John and Enza, whose wedding was filmed by TLC’s Four Weddings as Sandy threatened Eastern Massachusetts.

TLC Four Weddings Superstorm Sandy Weekend with Espresso Dave's Coffee Catering

Spirits were high despite Sandy’s arrival. Neither rain nor wind nor flooding nor brownouts could spoil the spectacular wedding John Procopio, a self-proclaimed groomzilla*, planned for his lovely bride.

The ceremony and reception took place at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA. The event team had everything under control. While it stormed outside, the guests were entertained by the food, decor and all aspects of this Procopio/Hollywood Four Weddings production. And, we were thrilled to provide a specialty coffee bar with lovely, personalized touches as requested by the groom.

Espresso Dave’s Takes on TLC’s Four Weddings

What piqued the Four Weddings’ producers interest in this wedding? The Espresso Dave’s Specialty Coffee Catering service! According to John, the producers were very excited about our espresso bar, featuring custom fall themed specialty coffee drinks and The Procopioccino. Our service was a key element in making their application stand out among the other couples’ applications. John said it gave #TeamEnza the edge to secure a position on the show and compete to win an all-expenses-paid honeymoon.

The Procopioccino was a huge hit. We offered espresso bar service during the dessert course in Willowdale’s romantic Conservatory Room. We created a signature cappuccino for John: espresso with a cap of thick, frothed milk, and topped it with Espresso Dave’s exclusive Beverage Topper. The Beverage Topper, an edible wafer, featured John and Enza’s engagement photo. When John asked us to do this, we hesitated at first. In the past, we shied away from featuring people on Beverage Toppers as some guests might find it distasteful. Much to our delight, John, Enza and their guests were tickled by The Procopioccino. It was a huge hit!

Hear about the beautiful wedding from the winning bride herself, Mrs. John Procopio.

Read John’s WeddingWire review about the Espresso Dave Specialty Coffee Catering service that evening:
Espresso Dave's Coffee Catering 5-star rating for TLC Four Weddings Boston

TLC’s Four Weddings Post-production notes:

1. Although we were a key part of the event (as demonstrated by the 15 minutes of video shot of us by the Four Weddings production crew) we never appeared in the actual episode (air date: March 1, 2013). We believe some the best footage (ours) was left on the cutting room floor 😉
2. *John was not a groomzilla—far from it. He was a wonderful client, as was Enza! They are a lovely, warm couple. We enjoyed serving their guests. We thank John and Enza for this special opportunity, as we do all couples for engaging our services on the most important day of their lives together.
3. Espresso Dave’s was just one of the many players who contributed to this TLC Four Weddings show. It was our pleasure and privilege to be part of an award-winning event team. If you were a participating vendor, please comment below. We’d like to link to you!
Venue: Willowdale Estate, Topsfield, MA
Espresso-Coffee Bar Catering: Espresso Dave’s Special Coffee Catering

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