Corporate Events

We provide an all-inclusive, seamless, portable cappuccino café:  trained attendant; variety of hot and cold specialty coffee beverages; paper cups (covers and jackets upon request); condiments; premium chocolate and non-alcoholic, flavor shots; a handsome, compact cart (a complimentary option); and large capacity espresso machines. Add in BeverageToppers™ to accessorize your beverages and you’ll provide your guests with the most memorable specialty coffee experience ever!

Espresso Dave’s serves at a variety of venues, including:
Trade Shows
Employee Appreciation Events
Retirement Parties
Product Launches
Realtor Open Houses
Breakfast Meetings
Golf Tournaments
Grand Openings
Company Outings
Gallery Openings

We offer an array of popular coffee-based beverages, including Italian-quality, dark roasted espressos, cappuccinos, lattés, mochaccinos, macchiatos, iced cappuccinos, frozen espresso-based drinks, and Italian sodas­. We use 1%, low fat milk in our beverages. Kosher service is available. Sugar-free, non-alcoholic flavor shots are available upon request.

When designing your beverage menu, we begin with the Core Menu. It can be expanded, pared down or infused with a complementary flavor shot. If you require themed drinks, we will create them. We develop drinks to mark the occasion or holiday, for example velvety-smooth Valentino Mochaccinos for Valentine’s Day or spicy, steamy Harvest-ccino for autumn.  If you would like to accessorize your drinks, we can create BeverageToppers™ featuring your logo, slogan, product or more.