Features/ Benefits

Hire Espresso Dave’s and your next event will be the most talked about of the season. Espresso Dave turns special events into extraordinary events. We provide cappuccinos, espressos, lattés, and other hot, cold and frozen specialty drinks. We offer custom flavors and decorative presentations to add a lifetime of memories. Read through the list below for the many features offered by Espresso Dave’s and the benefits served up to your guests:

For more than a decade, we have provided quality coffee at events throughout the country. We can supply references to attest to our quality and experience.

We set-up and pack-up in 30 minutes or less. All equipment is American-made requiring 110v outlet/15 amps; no plumbing hook-up necessary.

Our portability allows us to work indoors or out. We’re at home in small, intimate settings or large, high-volume venues. Book us for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of multiple days or weeks.

Menu choices
We offer a variety of specialty coffee drinks, both regular and decaffeinated, hot, cold or frozen, including custom-designed, event-specific drinks.

Our cart and beverages can be customized to reflect your event’s theme. The cart is available in silver, gold, or black; can be skirted to match the event colors; signage may be added to mark the occasion. The beverages can be specific to the event or celebration. For example, our special offering for Valentine’s Day is a -“Valentino Mochaccino,”- a velvety, smooth cappuccino with luscious Ghirardelli white chocolate and a shot of caramel. In addition, we also provide BeverageToppers™ to provide clients with a reminder of the theme sip by sip.

A 15-minute coffee break for 200; no problem. We accommodate large numbers in a brief time period with impeccable service.

Long-term contracts
Many firms are so pleased with the excitement we create during employee appreciation events as well as other corporate functions that they contract with us for our services on a regular basis at one or more locations.

We satisfy even the thirstiest, large group without frustrating delays. Multi-beverage serving stations are available.

For java and tea lovers alike, when Espresso Dave’s is on the scene, the sounds and smells of our service provide a mouth-watering magnet at your event.

We do it all
One phone call or email is all it takes to enhance the success of your event.

The Espresso Dave’s Corporate Credo
The Espresso Dave’s corporate credo is to provide goodwill and good times at each event through exceptional customer service and innovative beverage delivery systems. The company prides itself on providing unparalleled customer service. Each barista is trained by Espresso Dave, himself, and is taught the importance of service with a smile and the utmost respect for the client and guests. Politeness, cleanliness, promptness, efficiency, and innovation are the core values of the company.